Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), 2014

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BBC Radio Sessions 1983
Cocteau Twins
A.Dear Heart
B. Hearsay Please

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I wonder if the people who feel the uncontrollable need to chastise those who only know the hit Nirvana songs realize that they started off the exact same way, knowing only the hits. The only difference is that some decide to dig deeper, and some don’t, which is just a matter of taste and personal preference.

I mean seriously get over yourselves. Nirvana is such a popular fucking band. You’re not cool for listening to all the songs that were excluded from the greatest hits album. Even those are common.

New Kurt from 1993

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There are some people on here that are so fucking cool and respectable, and some of them are mutuals, and I wonder if they could guess who they are. Like, some of you, I’m actually honored that you’re following me.

If you have trouble relating socially, or making small talk, or if you think you say the wrong things, or you just feel inadequate when it comes to talking to people in general, I found a method that may be helpful. I don’t know if this is a brand new creation of my own, or if other people already know to do this, but whatevs;

Imagine how you would respond or feel if someone said to you what you say to them. I mean, would you feel awkward, or have trouble formulating a response? Would you feel like the statement or question would mess up the conversation or cause it to stagnate? Would what you’re saying sound off putting in general?

I guess this obviously comes naturally to some, but for others it doesn’t, and they need to be more conscious of what they’re actually saying in order to have social satisfaction and success. This is one method that’s been helpful for me when it comes to chatting with people who I need to chat with, like people at work.

This is definitely a known method I bet, but it’s a revelation to me, and maybe it would help one of you out there.

Any time I read any book or anything, my mind automatically pictures a location, a familiar location, and it’s at a certain angle. The location can be somewhere as mundane as my basement or a hallway at my old high school. The location has no connection to what I’m reading, and I don’t actively choose the location, it just happens. I don’t know why it does, just like I don’t know why that, ever since I was a young kid, I associate the word “incident” with the idea of “strawberries”, or why that little association makes me picture the dining room of my childhood home. I also don’t know why I picture my basement whenever I read about Kurt Cobain’s childhood.

It’s two years too late, but now I’m suddenly obsessed with that “call me maybe” song. That’s a fucking excellent pop song.

My father overhead me telling my mother “bye, I love you”, and it made him mad, because I never say that to him, because I really don’t love him, and I’m not going to say it to him unless I have to. I don’t want to even give him that satisfaction, which is actually immature and stupid on my part, because I do need him for certain things.


     Michael Gira, The Consumer (1996)

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